Marina payment card

BetaalpasIn order to use facilities such as toilets & showers, electricity, drinking water, waste container and wastewater discharge faciliti es, you need a marina payment card. You can this buy this card from the ticket machine. This card can be topped up with credit to pay for the use of the toilet & shower facilities, electricity and drinking water.

In order to use the waste container and the wastewater discharge facilities you only need the card for access control. No credit will be charged for these services. Please note, any remaining credit cannot be refunded. The credit remains valid for the port where it was purchased/topped up. In total there can be 10 different ports on one card.

Rate 2023

Marina payment card – € 5.00 (with € 2.00 credit)

Additional card?

It’s handy to have an additional marina payment card. These can be purchased from the ticket machines. Maybe you also have a card you bought in another port. These can be identified by this logo.

Logo Jachthavenbetaalkaart

The marina payment card in Lemmer can also be used in a number of other ports that use the same system. Please note: the balance on your marina payment card is local. This means that the balanceof the port in Lemmer is only valid in Lemmer. The balance of the port in Joure is only valid in Joure. The marina payment card can also
be used in Joure, Enkhuizen, Lelystad, Leeuwarden and various other marinas. You can find a full list of ports at

How does the payment card work?

You can top up your credit on the marina payment card. Your credit can be used to pay for electricity, drinking water and shower facilities.


  • ElektraSelect a power socket.
  • Place the card in front of the reader. Your remaining credit will appear in the display.
  • By pressing on the butt on alongside the socket one or more ti mes, you can assign your credit to this particular power socket.

Rate 2023

€ 1.00 per 1 kWh

Drinking water

  • Check that the tap is turned on.
  • Place the card in front of the reader and at the same time press the button of te water column.
  • 50 cents of credit are debited an the crane starts to flow immediately.

Rate 2023

€ 0.50 per 100 litres



  • Check that the hot water tap is turned on.
  • Insert the card into the blue scanner. At this point water will start coming out of the shower.
  • If you want to soap yourself down first without using the water, remove the card from the scanner and re-insert to turn the water back on.

Rate 2023

€ 1.50 per 5 minutes


To use the underground waste container, hold your marina payment card against the card reader. No credit will be deducted.


To use the wastewater facilities, hold your marina payment card against the card reader. No credit will be deducted.